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Business Solutions

OKI understands the many challenges confronting the business world today. That’s why we offer a variety of world-class printing solutions designed to increase business productivity and reduce costs, while providing a low total cost of ownership. All of our custom printing solutions offer an effective mix of quality, performance, reliability and value. This helps you optimise your processes, by combining our cutting-edge technology, customised service and unrivalled support.

With over 120 years’ experience in dealing with innovative technology, OKI is globally recognised for providing exceptional business printer solutions. We understand that every office environment has different needs, which is why we take time to consider yours. Whether you require fast and versatile devices, or high-specification equipment, our products are all guaranteed to be reliable, valuable and of top quality.

When you partner with OKI, you get more than a print supplier. You get a printing solutions partner with a passion for retail. It's our 35 years of dedicated experience that enables us to understand the fast-moving business, the management of many locations and markets and the current retail environment and need to control or cut costs. And because we understand your needs, OKI is continually creating leading edge retail printing solutions that meet even your most complex business challenges from POS printing to all areas of your operation.

OKI has the retail printing technology and solutions that are critical to today's store operations. When you choose from our award-winning full-line product portfolio, you'll also have access to innovative applications from our software solutions providers, signage media partners, security partners and e-form suppliers. And we will be with you every step of the way as you integrate your custom-tailored print solution and experience immediate benefits in your retail operation.

With a passion for retail, OKI goes beyond innovative products and solutions, offering personalized service, unmatched customer support and a higher degree of customization, making us a true printing solutions partner. It's the reason you can expect more from OKI and why you will feel like a customer again.

On Demand Signs and Labels

With 70% of all in-store decisions being made at the point of purchase, it's time to make more of an impact with your in-store signage and reach your customers when they are ready to buy. On-demand color printing enables you to gain a competitive edge—and the Real-Time In-Store Sign System enables you to create high-quality retail signs on demand with OKI’s award-winning digital color printers including our in-store color printers, like the C9650hn Color Signage Printer—just what you need to produce retail signs in a cost-effective, efficient manner.

You will experience immediate benefits with the ability to print just what you need, when you need it, utilizing OKI's templates to print table tents, shelf strips and single price tags; our signage media collection will allow you to print in vibrant colors. Total control over your sign printing means you can:

Immediately respond to competitive promotions

Localize your marketing message, while maintaining brand consistency

Reduce production costs by up to 60% vs. short-run offset printing

Capture your customers' attention and improve their in-store experience with High-Definition color signs

What’s more, OKI has developed the retail Sign Director™ solution, a retail sign management tool that allows you to easily design your signs at corporate, quickly distribute them to the right stores and provide “no-fuss” printing on-demand at the store level. This solution saves both time and money, allowing you to change your point of purchase displays quickly and easily based on price changes or market demands.

Front and Back Office

While you're working hard to improve your customers' in-store experience, you can't afford to let your printing operation skip a beat. We have you covered with customized retail solutions designed for both your front- and back-office needs.

Our compact monochrome printers are ideal for fitting tight cabinet or office spaces and deliver reliable printing day in and day out in your back office. For retail environments that have a need for tough POS printers, OKI's esteemed line of rugged and dependable thermal/dot matrix POS (point of sale) printers offers some of the most feature-rich retail printers on the market. They deliver outstanding speeds, superior reliability, ease-of-use functionality and built-in flexibility to handle a wide range of high-volume applications in retail. You work hard to reduce waste created by underutilized floor space, and we do the same for your printing operation.

OKI's MFPs (multifunction products) help you to streamline processes and improve workflow by consolidating print, copy, scan and fax capabilities in an all-in-one printer. From compact MFPs for your back office to workgroup MFPs with unprecedented document management capabilities for large workgroups - our print solutions were designed with fast-pace retail environments in mind. And OKI’s Desktop Capture Solution empowers you to convert paper documents to electronic files at the point of scan and organize, format and share those files quickly and easily from your desktop. It offers seamless integration with Microsoft® Office SharePoint® and DocuWare® bringing increased efficiency to your electronic filing system. That's why our customized retail printing solutions will minimize your printing costs and increase your bottom line.

Did you know that forms represent about 83% of all business documents? Find out how the increased efficiency and potential savings available with the all-in-one Smart Forms Solution (an integrated e-forms solution) transitions you from wasteful preprinted multi-part forms to streamlined standardized business forms.

Fleet Management

Stay focused on your core business—and not on your printing operation—with the help of a wide range of valuable tools to help manage your print fleet and keep you up and running.

Smart Managed Print Services can reduce overall printing costs by 30% while helping you better understand and manage printing activity; offering a full suite of tools, products and programs including asset and usage assessments based on best practices, device reallocation and/or consolidation, full fleet management options and financing to fit your needs.

PrintSuperVision print fleet management software provides real-time printer status information for efficient and proactive remote printer management, with three customized editions to meet the needs of small businesses to corporate enterprises. Click here to view a video of an OKI Senior Product Manager discussing OKI’s Print Supervision Software Solution (PSV) and how it can help IT departments reduce costs and better manage their printers and copiers.

Job Accounting software from OKI tracks color and mono printing costs and lets you monitor and control print usage, providing breakdowns of color and mono pages printed, types and quantities of paper used and a record of printing activity by department.

Color Access Policy Manager allows you to take full advantage of on-demand color printing with the ability to delegate color printing and usage and define who can print and what can be printed in color. Click here to view a video of an OKI Senior Marketing Manager discussing OKI's Color Access Policy Manager (CAPM).

Ringdale FollowMe® Secure Document Output Management addresses your requirements for convenient and secure printing throughout multiple locations. The solution provides controlled access to all printing devices and customizable print policies to monitor printing activity and ensure complete print security.

Our customer support doesn't end when the box is delivered. Instead, you get the value of personalized service every step of the way, and from every phase of interaction with OKI as you implement your custom-tailored print fleet management solution. With OKI, you get a higher degree of customization because we work harder to understand your needs and will provide customized printing solutions to meet your individual workplace challenges.

Our core competency of providing highly-configured printing solutions, no matter how complex your problem, differentiates us from the competition. OKI’s customizable print fleet management solutions let you easily monitor your network in real time for ultimate efficiency and accountability, while accommodating the way you do business – whether that's 9-5 or 24/7.

The challenges in the Financial Services industry have never been greater. Economic uncertainty, globalization, mergers and acquisitions, and customer-retention issues require industry players to have a unique value proposition and differentiation strategy. OKI has designed a powerful portfolio of products, applications and printing solutions for the banking industry to address current needs and allow for future opportunities.

OKI's high-quality, cost-effective, on-demand printing solutions help financial services customers reduce printing costs, improve customer service and reduce sales cycle time. Whether your needs require color printers, mono printers, MFPs (multi-function printers), impact, label or POS printers, OKI’s ultra-efficient products will increase productivity and reduce printing costs.

By delivering enhanced performance and true print-on-demand capabilities, OKI’s Financial Services printing solutions can help you increase selling power and improve your bottom line. You can create and electronically distribute high-quality, customized, color bank signs and more at a very low total printer cost of ownership (TCO) compared to short-run production printing.

Explore the many advantages of OKI's printing solutions for your business.

Signage/Personalised Marketing

Customers have more choice than ever when it comes to what banking services they want and where they get those services. As a result, retail banks are learning that savvy marketing and creative promotional skills can drive the success of their products and services. In this new age of fierce competition, sharp marketing collateral and signage are keys to success. To help banks reach today's customer, OKI offers specialized printing solutions that enable bank branches to print on-demand professional marketing materials and bank signs.

With leading OKI technology, high-speed color printers and printing solutions for distributed environments, high-resolution graphic files and general documents developed by a bank's headquarters can be sent to and printed directly in the branches. For retail banks, this means the ability to offer products and services as soon as they become available through this efficient document management solution. Using OKI color technology to drive color printing in branches allows banks to:

  1. Produce up-to-date bank signage using OKI Signage Media Collection
  2. Print on-demand color products and services brochures
  3. Eliminate costs associated with ordering, inventory and distribution with pre-printed collateral
  4. Cross-sell products and services
  5. Improve the customer experience

One-to-One Marketing Communications

Direct mailing of marketing communications is a time-honored way of engaging new customers and cross-selling to existing customers. But sometimes, low response rates make it difficult to justify the expense.

Research from Rochester Institute of Technology shows that using full color and personalizing the message can increase response rate up to 500 percent.

OKI has the technology and know-how to help you personalize your marketing communications and maximize your chances of sales. With OKI's high-quality, cost- effective color printers and MFPs (multi-function products) and personalized marketing communications solutions from OKI's partner, Atlas, you can produce one to one marketing materials that will help you effectively cross-sell products and services, improve customer experiences and increase customer loyalty and retention.

View print samples of one to one marketing communications.

For more information, Contact an OKI Financial Services Industry Consultant and see how OKI can help you improve your business by producing personalized marketing communications.

Selling Wealth Management

For banks, navigating the complex terrain of wealth management requires an unwavering ability to communicate effectively with existing and potential customers.

To compete effectively in this area, banks need to be clear and comprehensive in every piece of customer communication they produce. With OKI's high quality, cost-effective color printers and MFPs (multi-function products) and special printing management tools, banks can create and print on demand superior quality financial plans, customer presentations and reports.

OKI’s comprehensive printing solutions for banks will enhance presentations, increase efficiency and reduce costs. Printing Wealth Management applications in the branches helps banks to: Shorten sales cycle time, Increase advisor productivity, Eliminate mail delivery costs and Increase customer satisfaction.

Electronic Forms

Even in an increasingly electronic world, the banking industry is driven by paper. Especially preprinted forms are needed to maintain day-to-day operations. Unfortunately, the sheer amount and costs of preprinted forms take a large toll on the health of banks' bottom line. When banks need to reduce costs and control expenses, they can turn to OKI Data's printer-based electronic forms solution.

This solution helps banks eliminate the purchase, storage, distribution and waste of preprinted forms. With OKI mono printers at the heart of this solution, banks never need to make any changes to their production systems or ERP applications. OKI printers, with their legacy of reliability, performance, and durability, help banks print reports, labels and a vast variety of banking forms.

If multi-part or continuous forms are a requirement, customers can use OKI impact printers for printing reports, labels and banking forms.

For more information, contact an OKI Financial Services Industry Consultant and see how OKI can optimize your business processes by implementing electronic forms solution.

As an industry leader in print solutions for education, OKI gives you the ability to bring learning to life with color while being able to control the costs of printing.

Studies have shown that color increases student learning by as much as 78%, while also increasing students' willingness to read and participate by up to 80%.* That's the impact OKI can deliver by providing printing products with capabilities to print 52" long banners in stunning digital color and giving you the tools to actively manage and control printing activity in your school. OKI offers Education-specific products and solutions, including a full line of end-to-end printing technologies ranging from Color and Mono MFP and single function printers to dot matrix, label and POS printers – all backed by 24/7/365 world-class customer support. With OKI, you can:

  • Control your print costs with Color Access Policy Manager or PaperCut
  • Create a vibrant learning experience with a School Communications Pack
  • Optimize your printer fleet with Total Managed Print™
  • Get instant test results for your classroom with the School Docu Tool and the Remark Test Grading solutions.

With a passion for Education, OKI goes beyond innovative products and solutions, offering personalized service, unmatched customer support and a higher degree of customization, making us a true printing solutions partner. It's the reason you can expect more from OKI and why you will feel like a customer again.

Mobile Printing

More schools than ever are allowing students to use their own laptops, tablets, and cell phones in the classroom. Administrators hope that these bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives will help cut costs and increase student engagement. But BYOD brings with it a host of security concerns, as well as questions relating to mobile device printing. OKI's MotionPrint explains how easy it is to implement mobile printing capabilities within your home or office network.

Colour in the Classroom

As an industry leader in printing solutions for education, OKI gives you the ability to bring learning to life with color printing while being able to control printing costs. When it comes to printers for schools, independent research has shown that color in the classroom increases student learning by as much as 78%, while also increasing students’ willingness to read and participate by up to 80%*.

We realize the delicate balance of providing an excellent education within limited budgets, which is why our color LED printers were designed with printing for schools in mind – they yield thousands of pages at a fraction of the cost of inkjet printers. In fact, OKI has performed hundreds of print fleet assessments identifying an average potential print savings of 25% in the education segment alone. What’s more, our color LED printers are faster, quieter and more reliable than inkjets.

Control Printing Costs

With budgets always a concern, unlimited access to color printers in schools can be a problem. K-12 schools struggle with how to control printing in color and how to restrict printing. OKI has the ability to let schools monitor and control printing using color with select color printers and MFPs (multi-function products) by defining who can print in color and what gets printed.

Color Access Policy Manager (CAPM) makes printing in color cost effective for your school. It allows administrators, teachers and/or computer lab technicians to control printer usage by determining who and what can print in color, in black & white or not at all. CAPM lets you assign access levels by user name, PC/server name, application, file name and web sites. Once your policy is configured in the color printer, CAPM determines how – or if – incoming jobs will print. All policies are password protected for added security, which allows you to change policies in real time for special projects and classroom assignments.

In addition, CAPM gives you the ability to acquire job logs from your OKI color printers, enabling printer monitoring, so you can analyze how the devices are being used – everything from user name to application to the number of color or black & white pages printed. It's data you can use to develop new policies or judge the effectiveness of your existing policies.

With Color Access Policy Manager, offering color printers for schools and, therefore, color in the classroom is now a reality. Get the impact of HD Color on your print output – not your print budget. View a video of an OKI Senior Marketing Manager discussing OKI's Color Access Policy Manager (CAPM).

With Ringdale FollowMe and PaperCut printing solutions, schools can monitor the number of prints, control color usage, and supervise single and double-sided printing.

Printing solutions from OKI perform in the most demanding government agencies to increase productivity while controlling print costs to meet budgets. Our printing solutions enhance performance to enable secure printing of high-quality documents, save time and reduce waste - all at an exceptionally low total print cost of ownership (TCO). OKI’s offering includes color printers, mono printers, MFPs (multi-function products), impact printers and label printers, and our printing solutions for government include print management software that can optimize your print fleet and operational efficiencies while enhancing your printing quality. OKI also offers Total Managed Print™, a managed print services offering designed to streamline your document output, increase productivity and reduce printing costs.

Unquestionably, the business of delivering healthcare is becoming increasingly complex. Providers are being asked to deliver quality care, ensure patient safety and improve operations in an environment where costs are soaring and reimbursements are dwindling.

OKI and its technology partners provide healthcare organizations, hospitals, laboratories, and pharmacies with comprehensive solutions to help them improve their business processes and overcome key challenges.

OKI solutions support fast and easy integration into a variety of Hospital Information Systems' platforms, thus improving the overall efficiency of operations and ensuring the most productive use of technology.

DICOM Medical Devices

Hospitals, clinics, imaging centers and specialists. By purchasing only equipment and information systems that conform to the DICOM Standard, you can ensure that these tools will work together to produce, manage and distribute your images regardless of your previous, current or future vendors.

Manufacturers of peripheral equipment (e.g., film scanners, printers, computer monitors and workstations, image archives). DICOM conformance ensures that your products can work with all current or future imaging modalities and related peripheral equipment regardless of vendor.

OKI provides customized printing solutions for various sectors of the manufacturing, transportation, and logistics industries, which help you migrate from older, costly technologies to new printer hardware platforms and business intelligence tools. Our printing solutions are designed to streamline your document processes and provide efficient and secure supply chain and logistics operations. These solutions address the following areas of concern in manufacturing, transportation, and logistics companies:

Increasing business and operational costs which creates the need for business process re-engineering. Expediting time to market without sacrificing product/service quality. Adapting strategies to match capital constraints in the current economic situation. Consolidating technology to reduce maintenance and consumable costs. Migrating from costly legacy systems that would be inefficient and costly to maintain in the long term

    OKI will help you to:
  • Optimize productivity
  • Reduce print costs for maintenance and overall operations
  • Improve financial health
  • Provide better customer service via technology

Technology Migration

OKI offers a complete migration path from Serial Impact Dot Matrix (SIDM) – color and mono printers, label printers, POS printers and MFPs (multi-function products) that integrate seamlessly into existing legacy environments. Our printing solutions eliminate interruption to current business processes since they do not require changes to existing print emulations and thereby reduce re-programming time and costs.

Dot Matrix to Thermal Label printers
migrate from itemized receipt printing and bar code printing on dot matrix to thermal label printers with a range of portable to enterprise products to fit your needs. Our printing solutions support high-quality 2D barcode printing and cost-effective receipt printing.

Dot Matrix to Laser/LED
utilizing the Smart Forms Filter (SFF)—run old legacy print jobs on monochrome laser/LED printers without the pain of re-programming applications. This resolves compatibility issues between existing print data streams and the laser/LED printer and allows you to modify print data streams—adds, substitutes, or deletes characters and strings.

Multi-part forms to Laser/LED
utilizing the Smart Forms (digital forms) Solution- specifically for serial impact dot matrix (SIDM) customers who are moving to page printers and electronic forms. Digital forms provide a means of capturing, processing and distributing information across an enterprise while increasing productivity and accuracy of data collection. This technology can impact numerous applications across your organization from Human Resources, Engineering/Design, to Warehousing/Logistics.

    OKI will help you:
  • Reduce paper handling and streamline paper processes by electronically managing documents
  • Improve appearance of forms through laser/LED high print quality
  • Enhance branding and messaging
  • Enable easy addition of spot color and highlighted information

Office Solutions

Corporate headquarters and office printing solutions from OKI provide you with the flexibility to meet your printing needs in digital laser/LED color without sacrificing the bottom line. Our printing solutions utilizing color printers, mono printers, MFPs (multi-function products), label printers, POS printers and impact printers and allow you to achieve print output that ranges from store signage to watermarked documents to full-colored charts while keeping track of the print cost per page. And our document management and secure printing features ensure that your sensitive documents will be protected every step of the way.

    Print Fleet Management and Color Controls
  1. Color Access Policy Manager (CAPM)
    Gives you the ability to control printing by user, application, file extension, URL location or PC name. View a video of an OKI Senior Marketing Manager discussing

  2. OKI’s Color Access Policy Manager (CAPM).
    Job Accounting is a Windows-based solution that enables you to accurately manage network printer monitoring and tracking based on printer usage and enables cost tracking and color resource control throughout your organization.

  3. PrintSuperVision (PSV)
    Is designed for help desk, IT administrators and office managers to proactively monitor the use of supplies to help prevent device downtime.

Document Management and Security gives you the ability to manage documents (file conversion and OCR) within the device for increased cost effectiveness and productivity.

Managed Services is designed to help identify printing costs, improve overall document output strategy, and manage printed document assets. Custom Print and Imaging (Customized Configurations; Watermark Capability)

OKI takes graphic arts printing to a new level with the launch of the Pro9541, offering outstanding print quality, higher print speeds, lower total cost of ownership, complete media flexibility plus the unique option of printing with a fifth colour. You can now print on-demand, the full range of process colours, with the addition of a fifth spot colour.

The Pro9541 is compatible with Fiery XF Version 5 which enables advanced colour management, including spot and process colours, optimising colour depth and print quality.

The OKI Pro9541 allows users to demonstrate their creativity and the ability to create extraordinary mock-ups, stationery, brochures, prototypes, point-of-sale materials, window graphics, labels and so much more in breathtaking HD colour.

CMYK + 1

The Pro9541 is a first for the graphic and creative industries; an affordable and unique high definition printer that enables you to not only print the full range of process colours but also offers an additional fifth spot colour, white or clear gloss.

  • Print in a full range of process CMYK colours
  • Plus now add a spot colour – white or clear
  • Stunning vibrancy of colour on dark or transparent media
  • Bring your designs to life with cost effective spot gloss process

Cost of Ownership

The Pro9541 combines a highly competitive capital cost and ultra-high capacity toners cartridges to deliver a considerably reduced total cost of ownership, essential where high coverage and quality is demanded.

  • Highly competitive initial capital cost
  • Reduced operating costs through ultra-high capacity toner cartridges (38K) and drums (40K)
  • Separate toners and drums for reduced wastage
  • Energy efficient for reduced energy usage
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