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Business in a box - White Toner edition

White toner edition.

A revolution in digital colour printing - a revelation for design!

The OKI Business in a box is a full solution that can be added to any business or used as a kit to start your own business. Start printing on T-shirst, mugs, pens and even mirrors with the OKI white toner machine and heat press. 

White toner printing offers designers, graphics studios, point-of-sale manufacturers and a range of other graphics based businesses a new flexibility in their printing, proofing and production, enabling them to print in-house what they need, when they need it. The C711WT prints solid white onto a wide variety of media and can also be printed over other colours to create a new vibrancy of print on dark backgrounds. T-shirt and merchandising transfers, short-run packaging and concepts, window graphics and clear film, stationery, invitations, menus and more; now you can breathe new life into all of these with a printer that removes the design barriers presented by
traditional CMYK printing. Add to that the outstanding graphics quality provided by OKI digital LED technology and you have a revolution in printing for the graphics, design and merchandising sectors.

C711WT - Removing the last barrier in creativity and design

Thanks to a breakthrough in printer innovation,the C711WT OKI has made printing in any colour you desire, including white, simple and affordable! Printing in solid, sharp and bright white is now as easy as printing in any colour. This innovation in printer technology removes one of the last barriers to creativity and design - how to print high quality solid white graphics and text, alongside vibrant colour, on dark coloured paper, clear film or transfer materials practically and costeffectively.

CMYW - A first for digital printing

The C711WT is part of OKI’s White Toner (WT) portfolio - the first digital printer range that offers users the ability to print using white toner. Based on tried and tested devices, that are well regarded by graphic based industries for their high quality output, they offer the same speeds as OKI’s CMYK digital LED printers and are as easy to use and simple to operate. Combining High Definition digital LED colour printing with white toner technology, the C711WT offers media versatility up to A4, paper weights up to 250gsm and cost effective printing for a wide range of applications that in the past would have required expensive proofing or manual printing techniques.

Extend your creativity to beyond CMYK

Achieve vibrant full colour printing plus white, anadvantage to any graphics business offering individual and short run display materials, bespoke stationery, concepts, t-shirts or promotional merchandise. The C711WT offers ground breaking printing technology making it possible for any organisation to extend their use of coloured media, clear film and transfer media in a simple, easy to use and reliable device ensuring colour and image integrity and delivering fast accurate printing on a wide range of media sizes and weights.

This box includes: Forever RIP Software, Miggit high pressure swing away Heat Press, Muggit Mug Press, Heat Tape, FOREVER Laserdark, FOREVER Laser transparent, FOREVER Multitrans hard surface paper, Digital Temperature Meter, FOREVER Silicone pad 2.5mm, Sample pack of OKI Laser printed products & Printacom Training Voucher

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